No Job For A Lady, 1990

Sitcoms about politicians were nothing new.  We’d had Jim Hacker in Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, Alan B’Stard in The New Statesman.  So it seemed only right that it was time for a woman to enter the world of political sitcom: Enter Penelope Keith in “No Job For A Lady”

The chamber of the House Of Commons was never seen in the show.  Most of the scenes take place in Jean Price’s office, which she shares with her Scottish colleague Ken Miller, the House Of Commons Lobby and in the lounges of Westminister. Other characters included the whip Norman and the Conservative MP Sir Godfrey Eagan.

No Job For A Lady was produced by Thames Television and ran for three series totalling eighteen episodes between 1990 and 1992.


Penelope Keith stars as an uncompromising Labour MP: Jean Price, who finds her cherished principles severely tested in the unforgiving, often murkily Machiavellian world of Westminster.

Soldiering on amid the dreadful facilities and uncivilised hours that might drive a lesser woman out of the job, wife and mother Jean Price is still managing to hold her own amid the swollen egos and rampant chauvinism of the political elite.

Other characters in the series included the whip: Norman and the Conservative MP: Sir Godfrey Eagan.







Penelope Keith – Jean Price MP
Mark Kingston – Geoff Price
Garfield Morgan – Norman (Whip)
Paul Young – Ken Miller
George Baker – Sir Godfrey Eagan MP
Brogden Miller – Freddy
Nigel Humphreys – Harry
Jonathan Dow – Tim
Paul Rattigan _ Mark
Michael Cochrane – Richard


Channel: ITV
Created By: Alex Shearer
Producer: John Howard Davies
Produced For ITV By: Thames Television
Original Transmission Dates: 7th February 1990 – 10th February 1992

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