Ghostly Goings On In….Nobody’s House, 1976

Some well known names from the world of television including: Brian Wilde, Brian Blessed and Joe Gladwin, make guest appearances in this mid 1970’s Kids’ TV series.

Made by Tyne Tees Television it ran for just one series of seven episodes in 1976.


An old Victorian house known as ‘Cornerstones’ long time home to the occasionally mischievous spirit of a Victorian ragamuffin known simply as ‘Nobody’.  For many years this mischievous spirit has succeeded in frightening all potential inhabitants away from the rambling old house.

However when Peter Sinclair, his wife Jane and their two children, Tom and Gilly,things don’t quite go ‘Nobody’s’ way.

The Sinclair family have arrived with the aim of setting up an antiques business. When the mischievous spirit tries to frighten them away, it seems the Sinclair children can see right through him – literally!








Nobody – Kevin Moreton
Tom Sinclair- Stuart Wilde
Gilly Sinclair – Mandy Woodward
Peter Sinclair – William Gaunt
Jane Sinclair – Wendy Gifford
Wally – Walter Gaunt


Channel: ITV
Written By: Martin Hall and Derrick Sherwin
Produced By: Tyne Tees Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 27th September – 8th November 1976

Where To See It

Currently not available on streaming platforms, but you can get it on DVD


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