steve coogan is alan partridge

Steve Coogan is Alan Partridge

I’m Alan Partridge – 1997 & 2002

The follow up to Knowing Me ,Knowing You sees Steve Coogan reprise his role as Alan Partridge, a failed TV Presenter.   I’m Alan Partridge ran for two series of six episodes first in 1997 and then in 2002.

Alan Partridge made a return to TV screens in 2019 in This Time With Alan Partridge.


Series One (1997) 

Alan Partridge, a former host on Knowing Me, Knowing You… with Alan Partridge on BBC TV,

Alan has been dismissed from the BBC, partly for punching Chief Commissioning Editor Tony Hayers in the face with a stuffed partridge and partly because his programmes weren’t up to standard, delivering ever-declining ratings.

In series one, he is divorced from his wife Carol, lives in the Linton Travel Tavern and is reduced to working the graveyard shift on a local radio station in Norwich and desperately trying to get back on television in any capacity.

 Series Two (2002)

Following an off-screen mental breakdown — he has pulled himself up slightly, in that he now lives in a static caravan next to the dream house he is building, has a radio show in the evening, a military-based quiz show on digital television and has published his Autobiography.

Alan is a generally loathsome, narcissistic human being with very poor social skills and a largely empty personal life.









Steve Coogan
Felicity Montagu
Simon Greenall
Phil Cornwall
Barbera Durkin
Sally Phillips
Amelia Bullmore
James Lance


Channel: BBC2
Written And Created By:
Peter Baynham
Steve Coogan
Armando Iannucci
Original Transmission Dates:
Series One – 3rd November 1997 – 8th December 1997
Series Two – 11th November 2002 – 16th December 2002