One Good Turn, 1955

One Good Turn was a 1955 feature film the second for Norman Wisdom as star.  It became the 7th most popular movie at the British Box Office for that year.

It has ben said that producer Maurice Cowan, who made Wisdom’s first film and wrote the story for his third, so disliked working with Wisdom on this movie he never produced another film for the comedian.


Norman is the oldest orphan at Greenwood Children’s Home and now acts as their caretaker.

All the orphans at the home are very happy and well cared for.  However a property developer who just happens to be the chairman of the orphanage board wants to close the orphanage and build a factory on the site.

The children along with Norman set out for a daytrip to Brighton, Norman is particularly excited because he’s “Never seen the Sea”.

Upon their return they discover the plan to close the orphanage and have to decide what to do.









Norman – Norman Wisdom
Iris Gibson – Joan Rice
Mary – Shirley Abicair
Cook – Thora Hird
Alec Bigley – William Russell
Matron Sparrow – Joan Ingham
Mr Bigley – Richard Caldicot
Tuppeny – Marjorie Fender
Jimmy – Keith Gilman
Jeweller – Noel Howlett
Professor Dofee – David Hurst
Igor Petrvitch – Harold Kasket
Gunner Mac – Ricky McCullugh
Martin – Anthony Green


Written By: Maurice Cowan, John Paddy Carstairs and Ted Willis
Produced By: Maurice Cowan
Directed By: John Paddy Carstairs
Original Release Date: 4th January 1955

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