70 Years Of British Classic Comedy, 1990’s

The decade that brought us the poll tax and the first gulf war.  It also saw the resignation of Mrs Thatcher, replaced by John Major.  Then of course it was Tony Blair.  Britain in a worldwide recession and by the end of the decade we were on the up.  Of course it was thew birth of the internet.

On TV there was the demise of That’s Life, Blind Date and Spitting Image.  Doctor Who had been cancelled in 1989.  In 1996 it made a brief return in a one off big budget TV movie starring Paul Mc Gann.  It would be 2010 before we saw a return to a full series.  Sadly the world’s longest running sitcom Last Of The Summer Wine lost it’s star character with the sad death of Bill Owen.

There were some interesting comedy comebacks: The Liver Birds returned for a series, Dave Allen treated us to some more of his classic stand up, remember those Doctors At Large? They were back but now they were at the top of their game.  Unfortunateley the series Doctor At The Top lasted just one series.  Somthing nobody could have predicted was the return of the staff of Grace Brothers in a spin off Grace and Favour.

New favourites were Keeping Up Appearances now the best selling BBC sitcom worldwide.  Everybody’s favourite complainer Victor Meldrew found a place in comedy history with One Foot In The Grave.  Frankie Howerds career found itself on the up after an apppearence at University with Frankie’s On Campus.  This would spark a TV series Frankie’s On where he would perform to specific audiences such as The Navy (Frankie’s On Board) and the Fire Brigade (Frankie’s On Fire).  Sadly this was short lived as Frankie Howerd died in 1992.

So there we have a quick snapshot of the 1990’s we’ve covered five decades in this series click the tag to catch up.  Next stop we leap into the 21st century as we look at 2000 – present day and haven’t things changed.






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