The Ronnie Corbett Show (Australia), 1987

We’re off to foreign parts for this post featuring the legendary Ronnie Corbett in his own show.  It’s very difficult to pin down the exact date for this show as very little information exists and what does the dates vary some say 1979, some say 1987.

It appears 12 months after the popular duo of Corbett and Barker had made a series of shows as The Two Ronnies, prior to Ronnie Barker’s retirement, Ronnie Corbett returned to Australia to make a series of six shows for the Nine Network.


An up-beat variety show with the one and only Ronnie Corbett.

The show features a mix of stand up routines, parodies and song and dance.

Ably supported by Geoff Richer’s First Edition dance troupe, Ronnie is joined by special guests from the world of comedy and music including: his wife Anne Hart, Danny La Rue, Marcia Hines, Wayne King, Angela Ayres, Tony Alvarez, Barry Krauss, Denis Walter, Keith Scott, Peter Kaye and Australian TV darlings Bert and Patti Newton.







Ronnie Corbett with special guests.


Channel: Nine Network

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