George And The Dragon – 1966

An early Sid James sitcom that ran for four series between 1966 and 1968.  Sid plays George Russell a chauffeur and handyman at the home of Colonel Maynard.  It’s notable that this one of very few instances that James doesn’t play a character called Sid.

In the series James’ character George Russell is an incorrigible lech, whose sexual advances have seen no fewer than 16 housekeepers resign.  In a final attempt to put a stop to his chauffeur’s antics, his employer, Colonel Maynard, sends George  to the Premier Domestic Agency to find the ideal candidate that will put an end to his wandering hands.

However, whilst George is plotting to install another of his ‘dolly birds’, fate intervenes with the appointment of a new housekeeper: a fierce dragon, that goes by the name of Miss Gabriel Dragon, a widowed forty-something no-nonsense battle-axe.  George is about to find himself in the heat of battle.


The story revolves around George’s attempts to rid himself of Gabriel Dragon, a woman with a force ten voice and a fearsomely battling bluster.

Unfortunately for George she manages to scupper every plan he comes up with.  As time goes by the relationship begins to mellow and  a grudging respect begins to grow as the pair join forces to ensure that anything but order descends on the Maynard household.










George Russell – Sid James
Gabriel Dragon – Peggy Mount
Colonel Maynard – John Le Messurier
Ralph – Keith Marsh


Channel: ITV (ATV Network)
Written By: Vince Powell and Harry Driver
Original Transmission Dates: November 19th 1966 – October 31st 1968

Where To Watch

Sadly the series to date does not appear on streaming services, selected episodes pop up on You Tube and the full series is available on DVD from Network On Air

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