Soap, 1977

Soap was an American sitcom that found popularity in the UK during the mid 80’s.

The show originally aired in the USA from 1977 to 1981, running for 4 series.  It was picked up in the UK by Channel 4 we think about 1985, they had been getting good ratings for another US sitcom: Cheers.

Soap was created as a parody of daytime soap operas and was presented in serial format in that storylines would run through several episodes.

The Tate’s butler: Benson got his own spin off series, Benson, this was also screened on Channel 4.


The show follows the lives of two sisters and their families.  The wealthy Tates and the working class Campbells.

Like the soap operas it parodied plots often involved affairs, murder, kidnapping and alien abduction.








Katherine Helmond – Jessica Tate
Rod Roddy – Announcer
Richard Mulligan – Burt Campbell
Cathryn Damon – Mary Campbell
Robert Guilaume – Benson


Channel: ABC (USA), Channel 4 (UK)
Created By: Susan Harris
Written By: Various
Original Transmission Dates: September 13th, 1977 – April 20th, 1981 (USA)
UK Premiere: 1985



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