The Brothers McGregor, 1985

The Brothers McGregor was an ITV sitcom set in Liverpool.  It was seen by some as a spin off from the hugely popular Coronation Street as it’s two main characters had originally appeared in the soap for one episode in May 1982.

The show ran for four series between 1985 and 1988.  Episodes were written by Julian Roach and John Stevenson, who were also writing episodes of Coronation Street at the time.

In the Coronation Street episode the two brothers were played by Tony Osoba (Porridge) and Carl Chase.  Producers Granada TV were unable to get the two actors to reprise their roles and so cast Philip Whitchurch and Paul Barber in the roles instead.


The series revolves around the lives of two half brothers – one black, one white – both with very different dreams in life. Wesley wants to be a politician while Cyril – engaged to Glenys Pike for six years – believes he will be the next Frank Sinatra.

However, as their dreams are just that – dreams, until they come true, the two brothers must continue to run a dilapidated second hand car lot in Liverpool. To top up their incomes, both also work at the local Blue Cockatoo club – and Wesley writes letters to eminent persons about the Confederation of Black Industrialists, of which he is chair.







Paul Barber – Wesley McGregor
Phillip Whitchurch – Cyril McGregor


Channel: ITV
Created and Written By: Julian Roach and John Stevenson
Produced For ITV By: Granada TV
Original Transmission Dates: 4th September 1985 – 24th August 1988

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