The Frontline, 1984

Starring Paul Barber (Denzil , Only Fools and Horses), The Frontline was a BBC sitcom that aired for six episodes in late 1984.

A pilot episode was broadcast in the 1970’s entitled “On The Frontline” on which the series followed but research provided no more information

At the time it might have been seen as alternative comedy, but, whilst not really controversial it probably wouldn’t get commissioned these days and once again doesn’t pop up for a repeat on the various TV channels.


The show revolves around two half-brothers of West Indian descent who share a house.

Malcolm is a policeman, whilst Sheldon is a dreadlocked Rastafarian.

The comedy ensues as the two struggle to co-exist because of their clashing ideals and temperaments.







Malcolm – Paul Barber
Sheldon – Alan Igbon


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Alex Shearer
Original Transmission Dates: 6th December 1984 – 17th January 1985

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