The Lovers, 1970

Frightening that this popular sitcom is fifty years old.  Just sit and take that in, FIFTY, now that’s classic comedy!

Running for thirteen episodes over two series between 1970 and 1971, The Lovers was a sitcom about a mismatched couple Beryl and Geoffrey and their relationship. The series was an instant hit with the viewing public and rarely out of the top ten programs during it’s original transmission.

In common with many sitcoms of the day a feature film of the same name and featuring the original TV cast was released in 1973.


Beryl and Geoffrey are a young couple who, amidst all the joys and heartaches, often feel they are going in completely different directions.

Beryl dreams of a white wedding (in its fullest sense) whilst Geoffrey wants what most young men want (besides football, that is) and is forever trying to get Beryl in bed to stake a claim to what he believes is rightfully his. – except he is secretly scared by the prospect.  Beryl, too, has mixed feelings and the two play a continual game of verbal sexual cat-and-mouse which goes nowhere but is as exhausting as the act itself.








Paula Wilcox
Richard Beckinsale
Robin Nedwell
John Scott


Channel: ITV
Written By: Jack Rosenthal and Geoffrey Lancashire
Directed By: Jack Rosenthal and Les Chatfield
Original Transmission Dates: 27th October 1970 – 18th November 1971


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