The Masterspy, 1977

Here’s a real forgotten piece of TV.  A game show that tapped into the popular James Bond spy genre.

The show ran on ITV for four series.  It came to an unfortunate end when creator Ronnie Taylor died.


Presenter William Franklyn posed as the head of a top secret spy organisation alongside Jenny Lee-Wright as his faithful secretary Miss Moneypacker.

Three contestants pose as spys, completing a series of challenges.  These ranged from simple memory games to displaying expert knowledge on certain types of hand guns to practical tests such as freeing a trapped agent or showing off their shooting skills.

Helping the contestants along the way were appearances from actors such as David Jason, Norman Bowler and Tony Adams (Adam Chance from Crossroads) who acted in little segments as well as managing to stay in character whilst interacting with the contestants.

Contestants were competing for a chance to win a top quality electrical item like a TV or a digital watch.






Hosted By

William Franklyn and Jenny Lee-Wright


Channel: ITV
Created And Produced By: Ronnie Taylor
Original Transmission Dates: 10th September 1977 to 3rd May 1980


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