Time Gentlemen Please, 2000

Al Murray calls last orders in this sitcom featuring his popular Pub Landlord character.

The show was an original commission from Sky and over two series it clocked up an impressive thirty seven episodes.

The Governor character seen in the show is an evolution of  Al Murray’s stage act ‘The Pub Landlord’, which he had been performing in his stand up comedy routines since 1994.


Time Gentlemen Please is set in a forgotten, unwelcoming pub.

It’s ran by a right wing landlord, nicknamed  ‘Guv’ (short for ‘The Governor’), who has some very old-fashioned views on how a pub, and Britain, should be run.







Al Murray – Guv
Phil Daniels – Terry
Jason Freeman – Steve
Rebecca Front – Vicky Jackson
Roy Heather – Old Man
Andrew Mackay – Prof
Julia Sawalha – Janet (series 1)
Emma Pierson – Connie (series 2)
Janine Buckley – Lesley
Jeff Rudom – Leslie
Marc Bannerman – Greg Thompson


Channel: Sky One
Written By: Richard Herring and Al Murray
Original Transmission Dates: 11th September 2000 – 1st May 2002

Time Gentlemen Please! can be viewed on Al Murray’s You Tube Channel

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