Carry On Dick, 1974

It’s 1974 and Carry On Dick the 26th release of the ugely sucessful series hits cinemas.

It’s a significant release as we say goodbye to some of our best known regulars.  Sid James bows out after 19 appeareances, he’s joined by Hattie Jacques (14 appearances) and Barbera Windsor (9 appearances).  All three would return for the TV series Carry On Laughing and Barbera Windsor will later go on to co-present the film compilation: That’s Carry On.

For those who like detail the three iconic stars who made their last appearance were joined by two other regulars, Margaret Nolan who had appeared in six flms and Bill Maynard who was in five.


In the year 1750, England is rife with crime and highway robbers.

In a attempt to stamp out the wave of chaos, King George sets up the first professional police force named the Bow Street Runners under the command of the bellowing Sir Roger Daley, and seconded by Captain Desmond Fancey  and Sergeant Jock Strapp.

This crack team are sent to the remote village of Upper Denture to track down and arrest Big Dick Turpin.







Sid James -Dick Turpin
Kenneth Williams – Desmond Fancy
Barbera Windsor – Harriet
Hattie Jacques – Martha Hoggett
Bernard Bresslaw – Sir Roger Daley
Joan Sims – Madame Desiree
Peter Butterworth – Tom
Kenneth Connor – Constable


Written By: Talbot Rothwell
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Original Release Date: 12th July 1974

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