BBC Landmark Comedy Season – Missing Sitcoms – Till Death Us Do Part

The first of three classic sitcom episodes “lost from the archives” especially re-created with an all new cast to celebrate 60 years since Hancock’s Half Hour made it’s television debut in 1956.

Till Death Us Do Part was famous for it’s central chatacter: Alf Garnett who had opinions on everything.  The outspoken character was sexist, racist and bigoted.  However creator and writer of the series Johnny Speight always claimed he created Garnett as a satirical character.

Anyone who’d seen the original Till Death Us Do Part would realise you’d never get away with a show like that today.  So how to you re-make an episode of such a show.  The answer: you use a specially selected script from 1967, which remarkably does not include Alf’s usual rants.


Alf returns home late from work to find his wife has gone to the pictures and his dinner burnt to a crisp.  This leads alf to remind Else of her place, but it can’t all be the fault of a Labour Government.




Extra Clip From BBC


How Does It Compare To The Original?





Simon Day – Alf
Lizzie Roper – Else
Sydney Rae White – Rita
Carl Au – Mike


Channel: BBC4
Written By: Johnny Speight
Original Transmission Date: 1st September 2016


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