Till Death Us Do Part – The Movie – 1969

This was the brilliant movie spin off of the popular BBC TV series and the first of two, the other being the more controversial ‘The Alf Garnett Saga’.  Even today this is rated as one of the best movie spin offs from a TV series, as it was a brilliant picture of British life over  thirty years.

The film took £1 million at the box office and had a budget of £300,000.  That’s over £16 million in today’s money with a budget that today would come in at more than £5 million.


The world according to Alf Garnett – the most opinionated, loud-mouthed and prejudiced bigot in all comedy creation! Londoner Alf chronicles the hilarious history of the put-upon Garnett family from the war with Hitler to another battle with the Germans – the 1966 World Cup Final!

The first half deals with the younger Alf and Else during World War II, in the second half we join the Garnetts in the present day having moved from their East End slum to the New town of Hemel Hempstead, and the adjustments and changes this brings on the family.







Warren Mitchell
Dandy Nichols
Una Stubbs
Anthony Booth


Written By: Johnny Speight
Year Of Release: 1969


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