Yes Prime Minister, The Grand Design, 1986

Listening to the radio in recent days a lot was being said about the Prime Minister, currently in isolation, and how he should be out leading from the front.  Defence was raised about ministers running their departments and then yesterday as it was revealed the Prime Minister would be taking a stroll from No. 11, through the Downing Street garden to his office at No. 10.

All well and good but what has this got to do with comedy?  Well as I was listening I started thinking I’d heard things like this somewhere before, quite by chance or was it? on Tuesday evening BBC4 screened the first episode of the classic Yes Prime Minister.   It was here I’d heard comments about what the Prime Minister does and about walking through gardens.

So I thought let’s put that first episode out as a post.  This sitcom is brilliantly written and as ever Nigel Hawthorne is in superb form as Sir Humphrey.


Minister for Administrative Affairs Jim Hacker has found himself propelled along the corridors of power to the office of Prime Minister.  In his first few days in the role the new Prime Minister is determined to make his mark on the job.

Hacker decides it’s time for a radical re-think of defence policy, but as he roles out his new plan will Sir Humphrey agree?






Bonus Clip


Paul Eddington – Jim Hacker
Nigel Hawthorne – Sir Humphrey Appleby
Derek Fowlds – Bernard Woolley


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Original Transmission Date: 9th January 1986

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