A Little Bit Of Over Here, Over There

An offering from BBC America that really has to be seen to be believed, it could only air on American TV, they clearly love it.  Produced by BBC America the series began in 2014 and stars two British actors as clueless British aristocrats taking in the US.

Although Georgie and Poppy are both portrayed by actors, it is unclear whether the Americans they meet in the show know this.


The series begins after Georgie and Poppy’s father suffers a fatal accident. His dying wish was for his children to travel to the United States, a country he loved.

So, Georgie and Poppy travel to America: first to Los Angeles, then to Boston and Philadelphia.  Georgie hopes to become more manly from learning about the United States, while Poppy hopes to procure a job that does not require very much work, such as an actress.  In the introduction to every episode their ranking in line to inherit the throne changes, which is always 50 or more places away.



Ed Gamble
Amy Hoggart


Channel (UK): E4
Channel (US): BBC America
Written By:
Ed Gamble
Jason Hazeley
Amy Hoggart
Samantha Martin
Joel Morris
Seamus Murphy-Mitchell
Tom Neenan
Piers Torday

Original Transmission Dates (UK): 9th August 2014
Original Transmission Dates (US): 21st June 2014


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