My Old Man, 1975

Many people think of Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army.  Despite his success with that role it wasn’t his only success as this little gem proves.

Anybody who knows their comedy will be thinking I’ve heard of this show before and it wasn’t Clive Dunn and they’d be right.

Originally My Old Man was one of the seven comedies considered for a series by the BBC in their series Seven Of One, that starred Ronnie Barker.  When the BBC failed to develop Gerald Frow’s script, Yorkshire Television took over and cast Clive Dunn in the lead part while Ronnie Barker focused on his successful roles in Porridge and Open All Hours.

My Old Man ran for thirteen episodes over two series on ITV.


Sam Cobbett is a Retired engine driver.  Having  been prised from his terraced house in Ironmonger Row by the crowbars of the demolition men, Sam needs a new home.  The  obvious solution emerges in the shape of a spare room in his daughter’s new high-rise flat.

Sam is, all things considered, a reasonable man. He fought in two world wars, and he’s seen a lot of life. The problem is just that he has some rather strong ideas on how to live it, and they’re not usually shared by his social-climbing son-in-law, Albert – whom Sam takes much delight in embarrassing at every opportunity…







Clive Dunn as Sam Cobbett
Priscilla Morgan as Doris
Edward Hardwicke as Arthur
Keith Chegwin as Ron
George Tovey as Willie
Jon Laurimore as Andrew
Peter Mayock as Cyril


Channel: ITV
Written By: Gerald Frow and Ian La Frenais
Produced By: Yorkshire Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 3rd May 1974 – 12th April 1975


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