Grandad, 1979

Clive Dunn will perhaps always be best remembered for his role as Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army.  However among his many other roles was his successful venture into children’s television with this BBC children’s sitcom Grandad.

The show ran for four series over five years between 1979 and 1984, totaling 22 episodes.


Charlie Quick is the caretaker of the Parkview Rehearsal Hall.  Everyone calls him Grandad.  He’s only too wiling to help the students who hire the hall, but usually just ends up getting in their way.







Clive Dunn – Charlie Quick
Geoffrey Russell – Mr Watkins
James Marcus – Bert Bamford


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Bob Block
Original Transmission Dates: 3rd October 1979 – February 1st 1984


There do not appear to be any commercial releases of this program.



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