The Bounder, 1982

George Cole is probably best remembered for his role as Arthur Daley in Minder, but here he turns up in the ITV sitcom – The Bounder.  Two series were made totalling 14 episodes by Yorkshire Television for ITV.


Estate agent Trevor Mountjoy  arrives home from the office as usual only to be offered a drink by his wife, Mary.

Immediately suspecting something’s wrong.  It’s not long before he realises just how right he was  – Mary’s black sheep brother Howard  is out of prison after serving two years for embezzlement and Mary wants him to stay with them.

Trevor is horrified – he can’t stand Howard because he always manages to make him feel inferior, but it seems he has little choice in the matter…








Peter Bowles – Howard Booth
George Cole – Trevor Mountjoy
Rosalind Ayres – Mary Mountjoy
Isla Blair – Laura Miles


Created and Written By: Eric Chappell
Channel: ITV
Produced By: Vernon Lawrence
Original Run: 16th April 1982 – 28th October 1983


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