Assaulted Nuts, 1985

Short lived Anglo-American project for Channel 4.  Despite an all star cast this fast paced sketch show lasted just seven shows in 1985.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind it’s failure was it’s late-night broadcast slot (11.15pm on Thursdays).  This meant that despite the quality of the writing and the performers the show was seen by relatively few people.


Assaulted Nuts was a series of fast paced sketches in which top American performers of the time such as Elaine Hausman, William Sadler and Wayne Knight acted alongside familiar British comic actors Cleo Rocos, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Daniel Peacock and Barry Cryer.







Elaine Hausman
William Sadler
Wayne Knight
Cleo Rocos
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Daniel Peacock
Barry Cryer


Channel: Channel 4
Written By:
Ray Cameron
Barry Cryer
Andrew Marshall
David Renwick
Terry Ravenscroft
Peter Vincent
Produced By: Cinemax (US) and Channel 4 (UK)
Original Transmission Dates: January 17th – February 28th, 1985


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