Bachelor Of Arts, 1971

Bachelor Of Arts was a short film from former Goon Michael Bentine.  It featured a number of well known comedy names who would go onto prominence in other projects.  Melvyn Hayes would go on to star in hit BBC sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, whist Norman Vaughan would host The Golden Shot.


When an artist from the Continent arrives in England he runs into a variety of somewhat quirky locals, from a flirtatious policewoman to a sexy barmaid, and winds up in a nudist camp.







Miklos – Durti
Customs Officer  – Norman Vaughan
Mr Jenkins – Melvyn Hayes
Policeman – Johnny Briggs
Policewoman – Una Stubbs


Written By: Michael Bentine and Harry Booth
Original UK Release Date: 27th September 1971


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