The Fourth Goon Goes Out Of This World

The Bumblies, 1954

Michel Bentine was co-creator of The Goons had been the fourth Goon in series one and two between 1951 to 1952 before moving on to pastures new.

In 1954 Bentine turned his attention to Kids TV with a thirteen part children’s series about three friendly little aliens.  Thirteen episodes were broadcast over two series in 1954.


The Bumblies are three friendly little aliens from outer space, cheerful ambassadors from the Planet Bumble, who land their flying saucer in the garden of an absent-minded professor of astronomy Professor Bumble.

Bumblies slept on the ceiling and at the start of the each programme Professor Bumble would order: “Bumbly One, come on down; Bumbly Two, come on down; Bumbly Three, come on down”.

During the series we are introduced to the Bumblescope a Bumbly invention which enabled the Bumblies to conjure up props for the games they played with the professor.



Michael Bentine – Professor Bumble

Character Voices

Michael Bentine


Channel: BBC
Written and Crated By: Michael Bentine
Original Transmission Dates: first broadcast weekly from, 14th February 1954