Auf Wiedersehen Pet – Series 2 1986

Thirty Years ago today, we were indeed back with the boys again, in the second of the popular comedy drama series.  Running for 13 episodes, this time the lads were heading towards Spain.


The series begins by catching up with the lads and what they have been doing since Germany.  They all come together to help Barry finish his house in Wolverhampton.  Dennis is working for a crooked businessman, Ally Fraser, after building up large gambling debts to him. Dennis encourages the rest of the gang to help renovate a country manor house owned by Fraser, Thornley Manor, but end up falling foul of the suspicious locals, and particularly Arthur the who runs the local pub.   When things become a little too hot for Fraser, he flees to Spain and invites the boys to follow suit and redecorate his Spanish villa. Once in Spain, the gang are mistaken for criminals themselves, and the series ends with them fleeing the Spanish police in a motor yacht, together with Barry’s fiancée, who had only expected a wedding at sea.







Tim Healy
Kevin Whately
Jimmy Nail
Gary Holton
Timothy Spall
Pat Roach
Christopher Fairbank
Bill Paterson


Channel: ITV
Produced By: Central Television
Written By: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais and Frank Roddam
Original Transmission: 21st February  –  16th May 1986


Actor Gary Holton died before the Spanish indoor scenes were filmed, and the scripts had to be reworked to explain Wayne’s absence from these indoor scenes.

Examples of this include various characters enquiring about Wayne’s whereabouts, only to be told that he was chatting up a girl in the next room or that he had gone away for the day. A double was used in other scenes, such as one where Bomber manhandles Wayne away from Ally’s girlfriend in a nightclub.

These reworkings may not be overly apparent if the viewer was not aware of the situation but are easily noticeable watching the series back.

The transmission of the final episode of Series 2 (Quo Vadis Pet) saw an introduction by Tim Healy dedicating the episode to Holton.



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