Believe Nothing, 2002

Proving that even with Rik Mayall in the starring role not everything turns to gold.

Believe In Nothing was a short lived ITV sitcom that ran for just six episodes.  With Rik Mayall as the star and the writing skills of Maurice Gran and Laurence Marks ITV gave it the full hype hoping to repeat the success of The New Statesman.  However, whilst Rik Mayall gave it his all and the writing did give a twist on many of the issues of the day the show did not catch on and was dropped after just one series.

It’s interesting to note the characters’ names the idea mirrors that of some of the Carry On films.


Rik Mayall is Quadruple Professor Adonis Cnut, the cleverest man in Britain, and Oxford’s leading moral philosopher.  He is paid huge amounts of money for his views and even consulted by the government, but this is not enough for he cleverest man in Britain.

Bored and looking for adventure, Cnut joins the shadowy organisation ‘The Council’ which controls everything going on in the world.


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Quadruple Professor Adonis Cnut – Rik Mayall
Brian Albumen – Michael Maloney
Dr Hannah Awkward – Emily Bruni


Channel: ITV
Created And Written By: Maurice Gran and Laurence Marks
Original Transmission Dates: 14th July 18th August 2002

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