The Best Of Benny Hill, 1974

During the 1970’s big screen spin offs from successful sitcoms were all the rage, so it was only right that one of the biggest stars at the time, Benny Hill, should get the same treatment.

The problem was Hill’s shows were sketch shows.  So it was decided to take a selection of sketches from his Thames shows that had aired 1969 – 1973 and release them as a feature length compilation.

The sketches were selected from episodes of “The Benny Hill Show” that had been produced and directed by John Robins.

Today whilst production company Fremantle own the rights to Thames’ Benny Hill Show through its ownership of the Thames library, another production company, StudioCanal hold the rights to the film The Best of Benny Hill, through its acquisition of EMI in 2012.


A feature length compilation of sketches from Thames Television series : The Benny Hill Show.









Benny Hill
Patricia Hayes
Henry McGee
Nicholas Parsons
Bob Todd
Jackie Wright


Written By: Benny Hill
Produced and Directed By: John Robins
Originally Distributed By: EMI films
Original Release Date: 23rd May 1974


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