The Benny Hill Show, 1955

Many people reading this will forget that Benny Hill began his famous TV show on the BBC, where it ran for twenty nine episodes over eight series.


These early shows were a mixture of visual slapstick style gags, sketches and comedy song routines.

Hill had an uncanny ability for mimicry, this he used to great effect in these early shows taking off popular figures of the day.  As well as this Hill developed a number of his own characters most notable of which was Fred Scuttle.









Benny Hill


Channel: BBC
Written By:
Benny Hill (33 episodes, 1955 – 1968)
David Freeman (15 episodes, 1957-1961) 
Robert Gould (1 episode, 1965) 
Original Transmission Dates: 15th January 1955 – 26th December 1968

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