Big Top

Big Top, 2009

Another one of those ill fated sitcoms that never made it past the first series, despite an all star cast including Tony Robinson (Baldrick) and glamour courtesy of Amanda Holden.

The series was filmed before a live audience at Teddington Studios and on location in and around London.  It made it’s television debut in November 2009 but lasted just one series of six episodes.

From the opening episode it was savaged by critics, things did not get better as it found itself voted the worst sitcom of 2009 by visitors to the British Comedy Guide.  Therefore it was no surprise when  in February 2010 the BBC announced, that they would not recommission Big Top for a second series, and it found itself axed.


The series revolved around the performers and backstage staff of Circus Maestro.

Lizzie the Ring Mistress (Holden) must overcome all of the problems which get thrown at her during the production of the circus show.

The circus features a husband and wife clown team (Thomson and Thompson), who aren’t as funny as they believe they are, and Erasmus (Robinson) is a cynical soundman. Georgie (Madoc) is the Grande Dame of Circus Maestro, and Boyco (Mackinnon) is an East European acrobat who is still learning about the ways of the English world.




Amanda Holden
John Thomson
Tony Robinson
Ruth Madoc
Bruce Mackinnon
Sophie Thompson


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Daniel Peak
Original Transmission Dates: 25th November, 2009 – 30th December, 2009