was this ITV's answer to Terry and June? Frersh Fields starred Julia McKenzie and Anton Rogers

Only Sonia!

Fresh Fields 1984

Was this ITV’s version of Terry and June ? Fresh Fields was the ITV sitcom  produced by Thames Television for ITV that ran for 27 episodes over four series, between 1984 and 1986.

It is perhaps best remembered for it’s opening titles of a silhouette of a person in a rocking chair and the nextdoor neighbour’s catchphrase “Only Sonia”.

In the very last episode William accepts a job in France which lead to the spin off series French Fields.


Hester and William Fields are a  devoted middle-class couple with an idyllic suburban lifestyle. William works as an accountant whilst Hester keeps home.

The basic premise of the show is Hester is always looking to try new hobbies or find ways to improve her life, much to the exasperation of her hard-working husband.

Perhaps one of the show’s best loved characters was  Sonia Barrett (played by Ann Beach) who would frequently pop round to borrow items to replace hers due to breakage, theft or mislaying.  Hester was not perturbed by this, as the two were close friends, but it used to irritate William. Sonia had the show’s only catchphrase — she would always knock on the back door of the Fields’ home and then say It’s only Sonia! as she walked in.






Julia McKenzie
Anton Rodgers
Ann Beach
Fanny Rowe
Debby Cumming
Ballard Berkeley
Philip Bird
John Arthur
Daphne Oxenford


Written By:  John T. Chapman
Channel: ITV
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 7th March 1984 – 23rd October 1986