Condorman, 1981

Michael Crawford headed the cast in this 1981 comedy superhero film: Condorman, from Walt Disney Productions.

The film was inspired by a novel: The Game of X by Robert Sheckley that had first been first published in 1965.  The film’s special effects were filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Sadly despite the appeal of Michael Crawford in the lead role and it’s international filming locations, Condorman failed to catch on at the box office.  Upon it’s release it was savaged by critics and is reported to have resulted in a loss of $9.5 million to Disney.  However despite it’s poor performance and critical acclaim the film is to remain a cult favourite with Disney fans.


Comic artist and writer Woodrow “Woody” Wilkins is asked by his friend Harry, a CIA file clerk to perform what appears to be a simple courier operation.

However, when he successfully fends off hostile agents, he earns the respect of the beautiful Natalia, who asks for his assistance with her defection.

Woody sees an opportunity to bring his comic book creation, Condorman to life.  Seizing the opportunity, he uses the request as leverage to use CIA resources to help him make his dream of bringing Condorman to life a reality in order to battle the evil Krokov.







Woodrow Wilkins – Michael Crawford
Barbara Carrera – Natalia Rambova
Krokov – Oliver Reed
Harry – James Hampton


Written By: Mickey Rose and Marc Stiridivant
Production Company: Walt Disney Productions
Distributed By: Buena Vista Distribution
Original Release Date: August 7th 1981


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