Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, Fathers’ Clinic, 1973

A classic episode taken from the second series of the hit BBC sitcom.

If you’re going for a day out with Frank Spencer what could go wrong?


In preparation for parenthood, Betty has been looking after two young children from the neighbourhood and she convinces Frank to come along on one of their outings. The girls seem wary of Frank at first, but his accident-prone ways which they find hilarious soon win them over.

From an incident in the zoo to an elaborate stunt when Frank, who is roller skating at a rink, manages to burst through the fire exit and on a perilous journey through the streets, dodging buses and cars, ducking under lorries and finally crashing into a baby shop.  It’s classic Frank all the way.







Michael Crawford – Frank Spencer
Michelle Dotrice – Betty Spencer


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Raymond Allen
Original Transmission Date: 20th December 1973

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