Some Mothers Do Ave ‘Em – Learning To fly

Some Mothers ran for three series, two in 1973 and the final series in 1978.  In between there were Christmas Specials in 1974 and 1975, both of which can be found in our archives. Indeed Some Mothers Do Ave ‘Em remains amongst our most viewed posts.

The 1978 Christmas Special in which Frank learns to fly would be the final episode of the popular series.


In series 3 Frank had received a letter from Grandad Spencer in Australia, inviting him and Betty to join him and help run his farm.  Comedy had ensued as Frank began his application for possible emigration to Australia and as he embarked on elocution lessons in order to prepare him for flying lessons.

In this Christmas Specialt, it’s time for Frank to take his flying lessons.  He begins lessons at a local flying school and as you might expect things take a bit of a bad turn when Frank manages to cause his instructor to pass out in mid flight.





Michael Crawford – Frank Spencer
Michele Dotrice – Betty Spencer
Dick Bentley – Grandad Spencer


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Michael Crawford
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1978


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