Galton And Simpson And Les Dawson Present:Dawson’s Weekly, 1975

Dawson’s Weekly sees Les Dason try his hand at sitcom with a little help from legendary comedy writing duo Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Having landed his own ITV show Sez Les.  There were people who saw the comic genius of Dawson as similar to that of the late Tony Hancock who had died in 1968.  Ray Galton and Alan Simpson it seemed also noted the uncanny similarity between Dawson and Hancock, and thought it would be interesting to write for him.

The result was, in 1974 they wrote  ‘Holiday With Strings’, a one-off special screened on 26th August 1974.  In it, Les played a would-be traveller wishing to see the world for £22.  A year later in 1975 a series of seven shows entitled Dason’s Weekly were screened.

Perhaps not the most successful show of Dason’s career more down to Les Dawson not looking comfortable in sitcom.  He would return to sketch show format for future shows


The main titles opened with Les wearing a Hell’s Angels type leather outfit with: ‘Darby & Joan Club, Leeds’ written on the back of the jacket and a long white scarf.  Each week Les arrives at a new location on his bike ‘Gladys’.

Each episode had a different title and saw Les in a differnt situation each week.





Les Dawson and Roy Baraclough


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Dates: 12th June – 29th June 1975


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