Doctor At The Top, 1991

Following on from the successful 1970’s Doctor At….series, Doctor At The Top was a 1991 attempt at a revival of the popular series.

Unfortunately the series was not as well received as it’s predecessors and lasted just one series of seven episodes.

George Layton who wrote some of the episodes and starred in the show said the series “depressed the whole nation”.  Former Goodie Bill Oddie who also wrote some of the episodes  dubbed it “Doctor Down The Drain”


In Doctor At The Top, the much loved junior Doctors are back.  However, they have now all progressed in their careers.

Dr Duncan Waring (Robin Nedwell) is now a senior pediatrician at St Swithin’s Hospital. He’s married with five daughters.

Dr Dick Stuart-Clark (Geoffrey Davies) is Professor of Surgery and Dr Paul Collier (George Layton) is a senior consultant. The latter also has a private practice in Harley Street.









Robin Nedwell – Mr Duncan Waring
George Layton – Mr Paul Collier
Geoffrey Davies – Professor Dick Stuart-Clark
Ernest Clark – Sir Geoffrey Loftus
Roger Sloman –  Dr Lionel Snell
Georgina Melville – Geraldine Waring
Chloe Annett – Rebecca Stuart-Clark
Jill Benedict – Emma Stuart-Clark


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Richard Gordon
Written By: George Layton, Bill Oddie
Original Transmission Dates: 21st February – 4th April 1991


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