Educating Marmalade, 1982

Educating Marmalade was the follow up TV series to a one off TV show Marmalade Atkins in Space first screened in 1981 as part of the Theatre Box Series (a series of one off kid’s TV dramas).

The Educating Marmalade series ran for a series of ten episodes each between 1982 and 1983.


Marmalade Atkins is the naughtiest girl in the world. In an attempt to calm her behaviour her parents embark on a series of attempts at sending her to school.

Sadly the idea is more difficult than it seems, as Marmalade finds herself at different educational establishments including Dartmoor Prison.



Charlotte Coleman – Marmalade Atkins
John Bird – Mr Atkins
Lynda La Plante – Mrs Atkins
Gillian Raine – Mrs Allgood


Channel: ITV
Created and Written By: Andrew Davies
Original Transmission Dates: 25th October 1982 – 3rd January 1983