Damned, 2016

Damned started life in 2014 as an episode in the Sky Arts ‘Playhouse Presents in 2014.

At the the time of the pilot episode it wasn’t commissioned as a series.  Clearly writers Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks felt that there was potential.  Working with comedy writer Will Smith they re-developed the idea.

Channel 4 picked the series up who announced a full series in May 2016.  In September of the same year the series premiered.

To date (2018) there have been two series.


Damned follows Social workers Rose and Al work in a children’s services department, dealing every day with the all too familiar social issues that flood the media.

The series follows the characters through both their professional and personal lives.  Government cuts, huge levels of stress-related sick leave, useless temporary staff and an ever increasing client list.  Along with increasingly frustrating private lives, this is the world of the “damned”









Jo Brand
Alan Davies
Kevin Eldon
Himish Patel
Isy Suttie
Morwenna Banks


Sky Arts (pilot)
Channel 4 (series)
Written By: Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith
Original Transmission Dates:
12th June 2014 (Pilot)
27th September – Present (series)

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