Full House, 1985

Full House was the final sitcom to be credited to veteran sitcom writers Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke.  Despite the credits on this occasion it was mainly written by Johnnie Mortimer, with contributions from long term writing partner Brian Cooke, and another veteran sitcom writer Vince Powell.

The show ran for 3 series over 20 episodes between 1985 and 1986.  Two series aired in 1985 and the third and final series in 1986.

Produced by Thames Television the format for Full House was sold to the USA.  A pilot episode entitled No Place Like Home aired on CBS but failed to make it to a series.  The UK series was eventually screened in the USA but by then there was another home grown sitcom of the same name airing, so to avoid confusion the UK sitcom was re-named Mixed Doubles.


Full House revolves around two young couples, the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Paul Hatfield and his wife Marsha, have been married for three years, and  living with Paul’s Mother.

When they finally find their ideal home it’s not long before they realise they are unable to meet the mortgage repayments.  In order to solve the problem they invite Murray McCoy  and his girlfriend Diana, who are also in the same situation, to move in with them, contributing to the mortgage payments on the house.

In the final episode of the series, the McCoys get married, and they have a baby.







Christopher Strauli – Paul Hatfield
Sabrina Franklin – Marsha Hatfield
Brian Capron – Murray McCoy
Natalie Forbes – Diana McCoy
Diana King – Mrs Hatfield (series 1 and 2)
Joan Sanderson – Mrs Hatfield (series 3)


Channel: ITV
Written and Created By: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 7th January 1985 – 19th November 1986

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