Gimme Gimme Gimme ! – 1999

An independent production for the BBC, Gimme Gimme Gimme was the outrageous sitcom that ran for three series between 1999 and 2001.  There were also two specials: Millennium special: 1999 and a Comic Relief special: 2001

The series was developed by writer Jonathan Harvey alongside Kathy Burke who also starred in the series.  Originally shown on BBC2, the series was deemed successful enough to switch to BBC1 for series two and three.  A fourth series was in the pipeline for 2002, but the BBC in it’s wisdom decided to drop the show and production was dropped.


A modern twist on the traditional ‘odd couple’ format, a lot of the show’s humour springs from its lubricious innuendo subplot, that comes out of the mouths of both Tom and Linda.

Lynda La Hughes, believes herself to be extremely attractive, stylish and irresistible, despite evidence to the contrary.  Her wardrobe is right out of Vivienne Westwood’s worst nightmares, even Elton John would find her glasses a tad too garish.  With her flamboyant red curly hair, her appearance is almost as noisy as she is.

Then we have Lynda’s flatmate Tom Farrell.  He is a gay (and ever so slightly queeny) out of work actor.

Unfortunately they both share the same taste in men, so his homosexuality is a thorn in her side (as she can’t believe that given the choice, a man would choose Tom over her).

Then there’s their upstairs neighbour, a retired lady of the night, Beryl Merit, who views their shenanigans with an air of bemused detachment.

The series is completely over the top and works brilliantly.







Kathy Burke
James Dreyfus
Brian Bovell
Beth Goddard
Rosalind Knight


Channel: BBC2 (series one), BBC1 (series two)
Written By: Jonathan Harvey
Produced By: Tiger Productions for the BBC
Original Transmission Dates: 8th January 1999 – 14th December 2001


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  1. Suzanne Jeavier

    Is there ANYONE who can explain the following ‘innuendo’ from the Millenium episode>>

    Linda talks about her mum who asked her if “she washed her patty”, before going off to school: What does “patty” stand for? I understand it’s a play on a word, maybe slang, but I never got the joke and it’s been bothering me from the moment the episode aired. Someone… please enlighten me???


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