Graham’s Gang, 1979

A perhaps forgotten Kids TV show from the the late 1970’s.

Graham’s Gang was a British Kids comedy first broadcast  in 1977.  Described as traditional hi-jinks by the BFI, Graham’s Gang ran for 2 series of 5 episodes each.

The gang were first introduced on an episode of Blue Peter just prior to transmission of the first series.

The series was nominated for a Best Children’s TV series BAFTA in 1979,


The gang consisted of five boys – Graham, William, Lux, Robert and Keith – and one girl, Mildred.

Plots often revolved around the boys trying to exclude Mildred, who would often use her influential family to try to force herself back into the gang.

Graham’s leadership of the gang was constantly threatened by William, whereas Robert and Keith were always on the verge of fighting. Lux tended to be slow on the uptake, usually a couple of steps behind the rest of the gang’s plans.

In the second series the gang were joined by a new character, Denise, who was Lux’s girlfriend.


Sadly this complete episode was all we could find




Mark Francis as Graham
Melanie Gibson as Mildred
Neill Lillywhite as William
Alan Corbett as Lux
Tommy Pender as Robert
Lloyd Mahoney as Keith
Katherine Hughes as Denise (series 2 only)


Channel: BBC1
Created By; John Challen
Original Transmission Dates: 21st November 1977 – 14th March 1979

Where To Watch

Sadly the episode we found on You Tube was the only one.  The series has not had a DVD release nor is it currently available on streaming services.


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