Yes Prime Minister, 1986

Running for five series totalling thirty eight episodes Yes Prime Minister is set in the Prime Minister’s Offices in Downing Street the series followed the same format as that of it’s predecessor Yes Minister.

Following on from Party Games, a Yes Minister Christmas Special that aired in 1984, almost two years after the final episode of Yes Minister (you can find details of this special in our archive).  It would be another two years before we got to see how Jim Hacker gets on as PM and what Sir Humphrey gets up to as Cabinet Secretary.

A great favourite alongside it’s predecessor Yes Minister of then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher there’s a fascinating story in the interview along with some bonus material now included in this post.


New Prime Minister Jim Hacker continues to be obsessed with his popularity among the voters, but now he also wants his name in the history books as a great statesman.

Once again his efforts are observed and manipulated by Sir Humphrey Appleby.  Now in his new position as Cabinet Secretary he has a broader responsibility.   In his new post he can maintain the power and position of the whole civil service, in addition to his own.

To help in his efforts he has a powerful adversary in Sir Frank Gordon, Permanent Secretary to the Treasury.  Bernard Woolley remains Principal Private Secretary to Jim Hacker, remaining loyal to both sides.










Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP (Prime Minister) – Paul Eddington
Sir Humphrey Appleby (Cabinet Secretary) – Nigel Hawthorne
Bernard Woolley (Private Secretary) – Derek Fowlds


Channel: BBC 1
Written By: Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Original Transmission: 25 February 1980 – 28 January 1988

Bonus Clips




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