My Hero – 2000

It’s the one with the Irish superhero, the TV Doctor and that brilliant Doctor’s receptionist.

Running for six series (fifty one episodes), My Hero was a brilliant piece of send up of the way we all look at superheroes and how everybody has their own superhero.  You have Thermoman the superhero with all the powers we associate with superheroes, but struggles to cope with his normal life.  His wife Janet is a nurse and probably the only normal person among the main characters.  She works for Dr Piers Crispin who as well as being a GP is also a TV Doctor (the character is a brilliant send up of media Doctors) and then there is the real star of the show Mrs Raven the Doctor’s receptionist.  Another send up of the way people perceive Doctor’s receptionists, Mrs Raven was side splitting funny.

The series ran comfortably over five years, so mush so that when it’s star Ardal O’Hanlon decided to call it a day a sixth series was commissioned with the lead role now being played by James Dreyfus.  The move proved unpopular, despite Dreyfus’ previous success with Gimme Gimme, and was subsequently axed due to falling ratings after series six.


The series follows a wide range of main characters, who make appearances throughout all six series.

Meet Thermoman, a multiple-powered superhero who originates from the planet Ultron. In an attempt to fit in with life on earth, he creates the human alias of George Sunday.  However, as he is a little unfamiliar with human life, his antics usually lead to many misunderstandings.  Although Thermoman is intrinsically very intelligent, his problem understanding earthly customs makes him look like an idiot to people who don’t know who he really is.

In the final series Thermoman foolishly looses his human identity in a game of cards, this explained the change in lead actor.

The series follows a wide range of associated main characters, who make appearances throughout all six series.








Ardal O’Hanlon – George Sunday/Thermoman (series 1-5)
James Dreyfus – George Sunday/Thermoman (series 6)
Emily Joyce – Janet Sunday
Dr Piers Crispin – Hugh Dennis
Mrs Raven – Geraldine McNulty


Channel: BBC1
Created By:  Paul Mendelson
Written By: Paul Mayhew-Archer
Produced By: Big Bear Films for BBC
Original Transmission Dates: 4th February 2000 – 10th September 2006



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