Him And Her, 2010

Him & Her is a BBC sitcom about a lazy twenty-something couple: Steve and Becky, living in Walthamstow, London.

It was first broadcast on BBC Three  in 2010.  The series ran for twenty five episodes over four series.  There was a Christmas special at the end of series three.

The theme tune is the song Boom Bang-A-Bang by Lulu.


In series one, Becky and Steve are happy to spend their days watching DVDs in Steve’s flat, but are constantly interrupted by Dan (the man who lives upstairs), Laura and Paul (Becky’s sister and her fiancé), and Becky’s parents.

Series two and Becky moves into Steve’s flat permanently. Becky’s sister Laura and her friend Shelly have become best friends with Steve’s ex-girlfriend. Dan is back with his girlfriend.

By series three Steve is contemplating proposing to Becky, but struggles to find the right moment. Becky’s sister Laura is pregnant, and is letting everyone know about it. Meanwhile, the relationship between Shelly and Dan continues to blossom.

The final and fourth series focuses on Paul and Laura’s wedding day.

Each episode follows a different stage of the day, with Becky as chief bridesmaid and Steve as best man, from the early morning wake up call, through the ceremony and the speeches, to the late-night disco. Becky finds out she’s pregnant with Steve’s baby.


Warning Clips Contain Strong Language And Adult Humour







Russell Tovey – Steve
Sarah Solemani – Becky
Joe Wilkinson – Dan


Channel: BBC Three
Written And Created By: Stefan Golaszewski
Original transmission Dates: 6th September 2010 – 19th December 2013


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