Zapped, 2016

Something a little unusual from the UKTV stable.  Zapped is a sitcom set between two worlds: The Real World of today and a Fantasy World in place called Munty.

To date there have been three series totalling fifteen episodes.  Being a little off beat the show screens on UKTV’s Dave channel.


Brian Weaver is a temporary office worker in West London who takes delivery of a package addressed to someone in a place called Munty.

Curious about it’s contents Brian opens the package and puts on the amulet he finds inside.  As a result he finds himself teleported to the medieva setting of Munty.

The three episodes of series one concentrate on his attempts to get back to the real world. He is not missed by his real world colleagues, who do not like him.

The remaining two series (six episodes each) to date are for the most set in and around the town pub (The Jug and the Other Jug) and a nearby shop.

Their storyline revolves around Brian’s attempts to get home and his interactions with his newfound friends.










James Buckley – Brian Weaver
Paul Kaye – Howell,
Sharon Rooney – Barbera
Steve Coogan – Feffenhoffer
Louis Emerick – Herman, the pub landlord
Sally Phillips – Slasher Morgan


Channel: Dave
Written By: Dan Gaster, Will Ing and Paul Powell
Production Company: Baby Cow Productions
Original Transmission Dates: 3 October 2016 – present




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