Jamie And The Magic Torch, 1976

Jamie And The Magic Torch was a kids TV series that initially ran from 1976 for 3 series through to 1979 clocking up 33 episodes along the way.

The series was repeated in the 1980’s.

The series was produced by Cosgrove Hall and narrated by Brian Trueman.  Cosgove Hall of course went on to produce Danger Mouse and Count Duckula.


The show centres around a young boy called Jamie and his magic torch, which when shone on the floor, the torch opened up a hole into a fun dimension called Cuckoo Land.

Each episode begins with Jamie’s mother tucking him into bed at night and saying, “Sleep well, Jamie.” Then from under his bed, his pet dog Wordsworth appears holding the torch in his mouth.

Jamie takes the torch and shines it on the floor, opening up a portal to Cuckoo Land (which Wordsworth always got stuck in). The portal manifested itself as a helter skelter.

On reaching the end of the slide, Jamie and Wordsworth would fly out into Cuckoo Land from the bottom of a tree trunk and land on a trampoline. Once in Cuckoo Land, the fun would begin.






Narrated By

Brian Trueman
Kate Murray-Henderson (Jamie’s Mother)


Channel: ITV
Written By: Brian Trueman
Created By: Cosgrove Hall
Original Transmission Dates: 1976 – 1979