Just Like A Woman, 1967

Wendy Craig stars in this 1960’s off beat British Comedy film about a wealthy couple working in the entertainment industry.


Wendy Craig plays Scilla Alexander, a singer on her husband’s weekly television show, who suddenly decides to begin a new life without him.

When the marriage falls apart this causes more problems for husband Lewis as Scilla is a key part of the show.  But while Lewis copes by picking up a passing starlet, Scilla indulges her passion for bathrooms by getting one custom-designed by an ex-Nazi architect! (played by Clive Dunn)

The couple eventually re-unite when Lewis saves Scilla from the unwanted attentions of a drunken Australian during a wild party.





Wendy Craig – Scilla Alexander
Francis Matthews – Lewis McKenzie
John Wood – John Martin


Written By: Robert Fuest
Produced By: Robert Kellett
Directed By: Robert Fuest
Production Company: Dormar productions Limited
Distributed By: Monarch Film Corporation
Original UK Release Date: 26th February 1967