And Mother Makes Five, 1974

Just a year after the original had ended we had the follow up series to And Mother Makes Three.

And Mother Makes Five picked up where the original left off, again broadcast on ITV for four series totalling twenty six episodes, between 1974 and 1976.

It had the same writing team, but Wendy Craig became involved with the writing of some of the episodes, under the pseudonym Jonathan Marr.  The two series shared an identical cast, although in Mother Makes Five Miriam Mann who had played Jane Redway in the original series was replaced by Maxine Gordon.


We left Sally Harrison in Mother Makes Three marrying antique bookseller, David Redway, a widowed father of one. The two families then became one, hence And Mother Makes Five.

An almost identical plotline revolving around domestic problems, however the children are now older, but present just as many problems.

There are new characters in the form of Joss and Monica Spencer, and Mrs Fletcher.









Wendy Craig – Sally Redway (formerly Harrison)
Richard Coleman – David Redway
Robin Davies – Simon Redway (formerly Harrison)
David Parfitt – Peter Redway (formerly Harrison)
Maxine Gordon – Jane Redway
Valerie Lush – Auntie Flo
Charlotte Mitchell – Monica Spencer
Tony Britton – Joss Spencer
Patricia Routledge – Mrs Fletcher


Channel: ITV
Created By: Richard Waring
Written By: Richard Waring, Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer
Original Transmission Dates: 1st May 1974 – 11th February 1976

Where To Watch

Sadly like so many others it’s not on the big streaming platforms.  It was available on DVD from the now defunct Network On Air.  Selected episodes available on You Tube


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