Last Of The Summer Wine – All Mod Conned, 1982

All Mod Conned was the 1982 Christmas offering and kicked off series 7.  By now Brian Wilde had been playing Foggy for 4 years.  Although it was broadcast at Christmas, the Christmas theme was just played out in the background as the main theme was the holiday Fogy had booked.

There’s the usual classic quip from Wally Batty when Compo gropes Nora “It’s Christmas woman” and the great holiday cottage is classic Summer Wine.


In order to escape the commercialisation of Christmas Foggy books the trio a short break in a holiday cottage by he sea.

Unfortunately things don’t quite live up to expectations.






Brian Wilde – Foggy
Peter Sallis – Clegg
Bill Owen – Compo
John Comer – Sid
Jane Freeman – Ivy
Joe Gladwin- Wally Batty
Kathy Staff – Nora Batty


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Date: 5th December 1982

At the time of this post “All Mod Conned” is available on UKTV play

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