The Return Of The Pink Panther – 1975

Peter Sellers returns to his most famous role as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau.  The third in the series was released some eleven years after A Shot In The Dark and twelve years after the first installment.

Once again the Pink Panther is a diamond and is central to the plot.  Herbert Lom returns as  Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus.  However on this occasion David Niven was unable to reprise his role as Sir Charles Lytton (the notorious Phantom),  Christopher Plummer takes over, Niven would return for Trail of the Pink Panther.


Set in the fictional country of Lugash, a mysterious thief breaks into the National Museum, sneaking past its elaborate security system, and making off with the fabled Pink Panther diamond, leaving a white monogrammed glove with a gold-tinted “P” as a calling card.

Clouseau has been demoted beat cop by Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus.  When the Lugash Secret Police are called in to investigate the theft of the Pink Panther diamond, the Shah of Lugash requests the assistance of Inspector Clouseau.  The French government force Dreyfus to reinstate Clouseau as Inspector of the Sûreté in order that he can go to Lugash to investigate the theft of the Pink Panther.

Arriving in Lugash, Clouseau’s investigations begin in the Lugash National Museum, almost destroying it in the process.  Shadowed by a mysterious assassin who makes several attempts on Clouseau’s life (all of which he dodges unknowingly).  The investigations lead Clouseau to France and Switzerland, leaving behind him the usual trail of destruction and chaos.








Peter Sellers
Christopher Plummer
Herbert Lom
Catherine Schell


Written By: Frank Waldman and Blake Edwards
Distributed By: United Artists
Produced and Directed By: Blake Edwards
Original Release Date: 21st May 1975



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