Les Dawson, An Audience With That Never Was, 2013

Shortly before his untimely death in 1993, Les Dawson had been invited to record an an ediion of the popular An Audience With.. series.

The set was ready, the audience booked, but sadly the star died two weeks before recording could take place.

Using an archive interview with Les about the event from Blackpool’s Radio Wave, where he talks about the invitation and preparing material, coupled with interviews with the producer and Tracy Dawson, the scene is set to record the show that never was.

Tracy and Les’ daughter Charlotte are given a preview of the technology that will bring Les back to the stage one more time.


Using hologram technology Les Dawson returns to the stage 20 years after his death to entertain a celebrity audience as only Les Dawson could.







Starring: Les Dawson


Channel: ITV
Program Consultants: Tracy and Charlotte Dawson
Original Transmission Date: 1st June 2013


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